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#StrongerCA Agenda: These bills are 🔥🔥

May 9, 2019 | by
The gender discrimination we experience at work doesn’t exist in a vacuum, and neither should our solutions. Sexual harassment, unequal pay, lack of affordable child care, retaliation after reporting — these barriers work together to maintain a power structure that’s designed to hold us back . And for many, that structure is compounded by intersectional discrimination based on race, national origin, age, or disability.
That’s why we’re tackling these barriers the way they appear in our lives: simultaneously. Through the Stronger California Advocates Network , we’ve launched an innovative 2019 legislative agenda to advance economic security for working women and families and transform our workplaces into spaces where every woman and nonbinary person can thrive.

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We need your support for this agenda — it’s innovative and concrete, so it’s bound to face lots of opposition. Tweet at your legislators today to support these awesome bills! They include:
  • Extend the Filing Deadline for Sexual Harassment & Discrimination Claims (AB 9) – Currently, Californians only have one year to file sexual harassment and other discrimination claims — much less time than other civil claims. AB 9 would extend the deadline to three years, giving workers more time to process what happened to them, learn about their rights, and seek justice.
  • Expand Access to Affordable Child Care (SB 321) – This bill would help low-income families on CalWORKS maintain reliable, affordable, quality child care.
  • Ban Retaliatory No-Rehire Clauses (AB 749) – Employers often add “no-rehire” provisions to settlement agreements for sexual harassment and other workplace disputes, restricting the worker’s future job opportunities. These provisions are retaliatory, and especially affect low-paid workers. We need to close this loophole.
  • Report Pay Data to Close the Wage Gap (SB 171) – You can’t fix what you can’t see. This bill would require employers with 100+ employees to submit annual pay reports broken down by gender, race, ethnicity, and job category to ensure they’re paying workers fairly.
A Stronger California Advocates Network is a visionary collaboration chaired by Equal Rights Advocates, made up of over 50 organizations and advocacy coalitions, and the people we serve in communities across California, working in partnership with members of the California Legislative Women’s Caucus. Learn more. 

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