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From Survivors to Activists: ERA Student Clients Speak Out, Support CA Bill

June 26, 2019 | by

Two ERA student clients and survivors of campus sexual assault are sharing their stories and speaking out in support of California Senate Bill 493

Julia Sanchez

Student survivor client Julia Sanchez wrote an op-ed published by The Sacramento Bee June 25, about how she was further traumatized by her school’s failure to adequately handle her report of sexual assault, including not telling her about her right to file a Title IX complaint, and conducting a delayed investigation during which poorly trained staff victim-blamed, disbelieved, and mistreated her.

Julia urges lawmakers to pass ERA-sponsored SB 493, which would ensure California colleges and universities have fair, transparent, consistent, and trauma-informed procedures in place to respond to and investigate reports of campus sexual assault and harassment, including training staff on implicit bias and the history of racial discrimination in school disciplinary practices. Julia will testify before the California Assembly in support of the bill on July 9. 

Read Julia’s op-ed.

Tell your lawmakers to support SB 493

ERA Senior Counsel Jessica Stender, client Amelia Wagoner, and ERA Staff Attorney Maha Ibrahim in Sacramento, June 25, 2019.

Student survivor client Amelia Wagoner also testified on behalf of SB 493
to the California Assembly on June 25.

Kiran Prasad, pro bono co-counsel and member of ERA’s pro bono attorney network for the Initiative to End Sexual Violence in Education, attended the hearing, and said:

“Amelia’s speech was so powerful, and I was thankful to be there and hear it… Some people who were there to support other bills heard Amelia speak and decided to jump online and support the bill. I may be exaggerating, but it felt like hundreds of people piled in to the hearing room to voice their strong support of SB 493. 

I want to thank you [Amelia] as a mother of 2 daughters who I expect will eventually enter the college environment one day.”

Join Julia, Amelia, and student survivors across California in supporting this bill to protect the rights of California students in light of federal rollbacks of Title IX protections. Use our quick, easy action campaign to email or tweet at your CA lawmakers with one click.


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