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Support SB 493! CA college students NEED this bill

April 26, 2019 | by
Campus sexual assault is a national epidemic, and current laws are failing our students. Gaps in state law and lack of federal guidance have left students without protection, and colleges without a road map for dealing with this devastating issue.
The result? Some colleges are using reporting and investigation processes that make the situation worse for survivors, re-traumatizing them, further disrupting their education, and even pushing them out of school altogether. ( 34% of college student survivors end up dropping out. )
California Senate Bill 493 would fix a lot of these problems for California college students.
Learn more about this innovative bill, and email or tweet at your legislators with one click:

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SB 493 would require California state-funded colleges and universities to adopt common-sense,transparent , fair, consistent, trauma-informed processes for responding to reports of sexual assault and harassment without re-traumatizing survivors or further disrupting their access to education.
This bill is especially crucial to stop the mistreatment and push-out of Black women, Latina, and trans students from California’s colleges and universities. These students experience the highest rates of sexual assault and harassment in college, and are disproportionately harmed by their schools’ inadequate processes.
Email your California legislators now to support this crucial bill!

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