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Equal Pay Bill Signed by Gov. Brown

September 30, 2016 | by

Today, Governor Jerry Brown signed Assembly Bill 1676, which prohibits employers from relying on prior salary alone to justify any pay difference between male and female employees who do...
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Righting a National Wrong: California’s New Overtime Protections

September 15, 2016 | by

The Golden State shines a little brighter this week. With two strokes of his pen, Governor Edmund G. (Jerry) Brown finally put an end to decades of second-class status for the hardworking...
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Stronger California Day of Action: Women’s Equality Day

August 31, 2016 | by

In celebration of Women’s Equality Day, the Stronger California Advocates Network (chaired by ERA) gathered at the state capitol on August 23 to call on legislators and Governor Brown to support...
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On to the Governor: Domestic Worker Bill of Rights Passes Assembly

August 18, 2016 | by

Today, the 2016 Domestic Worker Bill of Rights (SB 1015) passed an Assembly floor vote and heads to Governor Brown’s desk, marking an important step forward in the fight for domestic workers’...
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