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Take Action! Living Wage Jobs for Women Who Deserve a Second Chance

August 18, 2014 | by

SB 1384 will open a pipeline to healthcare jobs for rehabilitated people who want to work.

Women are the fastest growing population in our jails and prisons; between 1980 and 2010 the number of women in prison increased by 646%. The great majority of these women are have suffered some form of abuse and many are primary caregivers to dependent children. Reuniting with their children is of utmost importance, but without a stable job, it is nearly impossible to provide food, housing and daycare for their family.
A good job opens the door for them to take an essential step out of poverty.
Through the Breaking Barriers: Let Her Work project, Equal Rights Advocates and partner National Center for Lesbian Rights are committed to helping women who are qualified to work and want to work but continue to face intractable barriers to employment solely on the basis of their past.
SB 1384 — an ERA-sponsored bill now pending before the Assembly — would go a long way toward helping rehabilitated women who want to earn a living wage, support their family, and contribute to society. Introduced by Senator Holly Mitchell, SB 1384 expands opportunities for women and men who want to access the growing industry of living-wage jobs as a certified nursing assistant (CNA). If you support second chances for California women and families, join us and send a note to your state legislator asking for their support.
The service is automated. Simply click here and fill in your contact information (used to determine your target legislator).
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