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#TakeTheLead to Combat Sexual Harassment

March 1, 2018 | by

Like anyone else, women work to support their families, fulfill their ambitions, and create a thriving lift. Sexual harassment, assault, and violence should never stand in their way.

Sexual harassment is prohibited in most workplaces under state and federal laws. But survivor stories shared over the past six months reveal glaring policy gaps that continue to leave too many people vulnerable to sexual harassment and violence. Currently, survivors face hurdles like short statutes of limitations, retaliation, insufficient redress, and lack of individual accountability.

We have an opportunity to close those gaps. We can make California the nation’s leader to combat sexual harassment.

Equal Rights Advocates is sponsoring four bills in Sacramento that will directly target these gaps leaving workers vulnerable. These bills would offer the nation’s strongest protections against sexual harassment and discrimination by:

  • Extending the amount of time workers have to file harassment and discrimination from one to three years;
  • Clarifying that individuals can be held personally liable for retaliating against an employee for exercising his or her legal rights;
  • Strengthening training requirements and other employee obligations to prevent workplace harassment;
  • Prohibiting non-disparagement agreements that force survivors into silence;
  • And clarifying that harassment by investors, elected officials, lobbyists, directors, and producers is unlawful.

Help us #TakeTheLead to combat sexual harassment – sign and share our petition urging California leaders to pass these bills and take the nation’s strongest stance against sexual harassment and discrimination.


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