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#TakeTheLead: To the Governor’s Desk

August 24, 2018 | by

Lawmakers vote Monday. Let’s end sexual harassment in California!


On Aug. 27, California lawmakers will decide whether to pass the boldest package of anti-sexual harassment bills our country has ever seen. Let’s make the decision easy for them.

Equal Rights Advocates is sponsoring this package of bills, known as the #TakeTheLead bills, because it’s time for California to take the lead on ending sexual harassment and pave the way for the rest of the country to do the same.

Sexual harassment isn’t going away on its own. We need stronger laws and common-sense workplace reforms. It is absolutely possible to eradicate sexual harassment in our workplaces. The only thing that’s standing in our way is lawmakers who are on the fence. So let’s tell them how we feel about this issue!


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California has successfully led the country on civil rights policies before. Now, we have the opportunity to #TakeTheLead on ending sexual harassment. Let’s make it happen it now, so our daughters and sons can pursue their careers without the threat of sexual harassment at work.


Join the final push to get these anti-sexual harassment bills all the way to Governor Jerry Brown’s desk!


The #TakeTheLead bills will

  • extend the deadline for filing sexual harassment claims

  • get rid of the “one free grope” legal standard in California

  • prohibit forced waivers of rights that employers often use to keep sexual harassment out of the public eye

  • and more.


We can do this! Let’s pass these bills and #TakeTheLead on ending sexual harassment.


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