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What Team ERA is Reading This Week

November 14, 2017 | by

We Are All Implicated in the Post-Weinstein Reckoning (The Cut)
Rebecca Traister writes a thoughtful reflection on how we confront harassers in our lives and workplaces. She is also spot-on when addressing how harassment makes a hostile work environment – it’s not just about the incident, it’s the lingering effects.

“That’s My Justice” (The Ringer)
If you aren’t familiar with Brenda Tracey yet, this is a must-read. Brenda, a sexual assault survivor, is on a mission to end college football’s rape culture.

The Unforgiving Minute (Longreads)
This is a “longread,” but well worth it. “This isn’t about individual monsters. It never was. This is about structural violence, about a culture that decided long ago that women’s agency and dignity were worth sacrificing to protect the reputation of powerful men and the institutions that enabled their entitlement.” 

Brave Enough to Be Angry (New York Times)
Another great column from Lindy West on how women are challenging long-held assumptions that they will quietly “weather” sexual violence and harassment. She says we can no longer suppress our anger.

She wanted a job and said California senator invited her home. He fired aides who knew. (Sacramento Bee)
The movement to end sexual harassment and assault in Sacramento continues to gain steam, and California’s political leaders are beginning to see the consequences. ERA is committed to supporting their efforts.

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