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Tell Congress: Close the Camps & End Family Separation

July 13, 2019 | by

As a civil rights community that fights for the rights of all women, children, and families in this country, we cannot stop demanding that our representatives use every power and tool available to them to put an end to the humanitarian crisis happening along our Southern border.

“Dog kennel-style cages,” so overcrowded you can’t move without jostling someone else. Sleeping on concrete floors in extreme cold temperatures with only a space blanket, and the lights always on

Inadequate food. Small meals with no fruits or vegetables. Scarce water, so the guards tell you to drink from the toilet. No soap. No toothbrushes. Weeks without showering or changing clothes. Widespread medical neglect and abuse.

Thousands of children ripped away from their parents and detained for indefinite amounts of time, with no legal reason. No clean bottles for the babies. A “child boss” promised extra food to keep the other kids in line. 12-year-olds charged with caring for 2-year-olds they don’t know.

The United Nations officially declared it a human rights crisis and a violation of international law. Meanwhile, lawyers for the Trump Administration argued recently that they were not violating the Flores agreement (which requires “safe and sanitary” detention facilities for unaccompanied minors) by denying children medical care, soap, and the ability to sleep — even as they work to dismantle Flores completely.

Hold Congress accountable

While 52,000 people suffered atrocious conditions and inhumane treatment, our elected officials left for summer recess.

Call your representative and senators and hold them accountable. Making the call is easy: Just enter your address, and we’ll automatically connect you to your elected officials’ offices. We included a script if you want some guidance on what to say.

Call your elected officials

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