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Tell your elected officials to support the EMPOWER Act

March 13, 2019 | by

With sexual harassment at the forefront of our national conversation, the time for concrete action and real change is now.

That’s why we’re supporting a federal bill that tackles the issue head on. The EMPOWER Act reduces barriers to reporting, holds serial harassers accountable, and shines a light on problematic companies and industries.

Take quick action to support this innovative bill!


The EMPOWER Act tackles sexual harassment on multiple fronts, including:

  1. Banning sneaky agreements that silence victims.

One-third of U.S. employees are forced to sign away their rights to speak out about harassment when accepting a job or a promotion. This bill would limit the use of mandatory non-disclosure agreements.

   2. Requiring companies to report.

Transparency is key to solving this epidemic. Public companies would have to disclose numbers of harassment settlements and judgements, including repeat settlements tied to a particular individual. Serial harassers won’t be able to hide in the shadows of corporate privilege anymore.

  1. Ensuring all workers are trained on how to identify and report harassment.

And more — the bill is pretty comprehensive! For a full overview, check out this great fact sheet from our friends at the National Partnership of Women & Families.

Sexual harassment isn’t going away on its own. We need practical solutions that empower victims and stop corporations from sweeping the issue under the rug. Tell your representatives to support the EMPOWER Act today.


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