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Trump Targets Gender Equality Programs: Stand Up and March with ERA

December 22, 2016 | by

There was chilling news out of DC today: the Trump transition team has asked the State Department to submit details about programs promoting gender equality, “such as ending gender-based violence, promoting women’s participation in economic and political spheres, entrepreneurship, etc.” The request asks specifically about staff positions devoted to gender equality and funding for these programs.

We don’t know for certain at this point, but it would appear that a witch hunt aimed at rolling back programs for women is about to get underway. Learn more here.

Help us stop this madness before it starts.

If ever there was reason to join the Women’s March on Washington and nationwide, we have it here.

Fortunately, plans for the Women’s March on Washington and sister marches all around the country on Saturday, January 21st have come together quickly. Permits are in place. Grassroots organizational efforts are underway. Don’t be left at home!  

Sign up to join Equal Rights Advocates for this historic event! Stand up and march with us in Oakland, San Francisco or Washington.

We’re organizing large ERA contingents in all three cities – we’ll have t-shirts, signs, and banners for the occasion. We will communicate with all ERA marchers before the event to provide a meet-up point and other important information.

Be an ERA Action Team March Volunteer! We are looking for volunteers to come to a pre-march organizing session the week of January 3rd in both Oakland and San Francisco to coordinate day-of logistics, make signs, and organize outreach to increase our numbers.  Check the volunteer box when you sign up to march with ERA and we’ll be back in touch with date/time/place for the organizing session.

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