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Urge CA Gov. Brown to Sign the #TakeTheLead Bills & Combat Sexual Harassment

September 18, 2018 | by


Right now, California Gov. Jerry Brown is deciding whether to sign or veto the strongest slate of anti-sexual harassment bills our country has ever seen. He must decide by Sept. 30!

Sexual harassment should never be the price of a paycheck. We need to ensure ALL working people have equal opportunity to thrive and succeed at work, and that serial harassers are held accountable. 

Let’s tell Gov. Brown: It’s time to choose a side. You’re either with women, or you’re against us. Urge the Governor to sign the historic #TakeTheLead bills into law using the links below.

These four urgently needed bills to combat sexual harassment have passed the California Senate and Assembly. Now, the only thing standing between us and these historic bills becoming law is Gov. Brown’s signature.

It’s time for California to #TakeTheLead on ending sexual harassment and set the stage for the rest of the country to pass similar legislation. 

We can do this. Literally. Let’s end sexual harassment!



Click on the bill name, and use our automated form to a send letter to Governor Brown in support of each #TakeTheLead bill. (The letters are already drafted.)

Instructions: First, enter your California address. You’ll be taken to a page with a draft letter about the bill , which you can edit if you’d like. Enter your information, then hit “Send,” and the letter will be automatically emailed to Gov. Brown. 

Read more about the bills.


What’s Next?

Join our Action Team to follow the progress of these bills! We’ll send breaking news alerts if and when the Governor signs them into law.

Donate to support these bills and Equal Rights Advocates’ other work.


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