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URGENT: Sexual harassment bill SB 1300 under attack. We need your help!

August 28, 2018 | by

CA lawmakers are voting today: SB 1300 needs your support now!

California lawmakers are about to vote on SB 1300 today, a #TakeTheLead bill that’s part of the strongest package of sexual harassment package our country has ever seen. But the bill is facing sudden major opposition in Sacramento, and may not make it to the governor’s desk.

Please call your Assembly Member now! Use the form below to identify your Assembly Member, and then follow our short script to support this crucial sexual harassment bill.

If you have trouble locating your Assembly Member’s phone number using the form, please click here.

Sexual harassment isn’t going away on its own. We need stronger laws.

Tell lawmakers its time to choose a side: You’re either with women, or your’e against us. California has an opportunity to #TakeTheLead on ending sexual harassment with strong laws that pave the way for the rest of the country.

We can do this! Support SB 1300 today!


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