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Win! Governor Brown Signs CA Values Act Into Law

October 5, 2017 | by

Today, Governor Jerry Brown signed Senate Bill 54 – the California Values Act – into law. SB 54 ensures that state and local resources will not be used to fuel mass deportations and separate families.

Lourdes Martinez, Political Director of Mujeres Unidas y Activas and Member of the Stronger California Steering Committee said:

“As Latina immigrant women, we celebrate the passage of the California Values Act as the first law in the nation to so boldly push back against the Trump Administration’s xenophobic persecution of our immigrant communities. And yet we also recognize that there is much more work for us to do as Californians to realize an inclusive vision of who we are that embraces immigrant families when we talk about public safety. The Sheriffs and other law enforcement officers who aligned with anti-immigrant forces in the struggle for SB54 have contributed greatly to preventing many immigrant women from seeking help when they experience violence at home or on the streets, labor abuse and exploitation, and other violations of their humanity and dignity. We applaud all of the California legislators and other allies who supported us in this fight, and we call them to continue their support as we move forward to implement the protections of the Values Act and to expand them further to protect our families’ safety and wellbeing in a time of great fear and peril in our communities.”

SB 54 was a major 2017 priority bill for the Stronger California Advocates Network because we know the chilling effect impact deportations, and fear of deportation, has on women, their families, and communities across the state. 

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