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Yahoo News: Cheerleaders say ‘groping and sexual harassment are part of the job’ — but they’re not the only ones

April 11, 2018 | by

We spoke with Yahoo News about pervasive sexual harassment in NFL cheerleading. ERA Director of Strategic Communications Delia Coleman stressed that sexual harassment should never be the price of a paycheck, especially in modern society.

 “For any worker, especially those in roles that require a lot of contact with customers or clients, unwanted physical touching, leering, or a clearly hostile working environment is never acceptable. It’s concerning but also not surprising that women have been made to feel this way because they are explicitly instructed to tolerate it and threatened with termination if they don’t,” she says. …

Employers, including sports teams and franchises, can be liable for the sexual harassment their employees experience in the course of performing their work duties, even if the harassment is coming from a non-employer, like a customer or booser, Coleman says.

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