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Dear Betsy: We have a LOT to say.

January 24, 2019 | by

Gender justice champions from every walk of life crowded into Equal Rights Advocates’ tent at the 2019 Women’s March in Oakland. Even after spending all morning marching and chanting, people still had a lot to say when we asked them to write a postcard to Betsy DeVos about her proposed changes to Title IX:

“Dear Betsy, Can you imagine sitting in the same class as a man who had molested you — [just] because it happened off campus?” (Therese, Oakland)

My sister is in college and I worry about her.” (Anonymous)

My daughter was a victim of sexual assault in college and did not feel safe to come forward under the current rules. Don’t make it harder for women to advocate for themselves!” (Rick, Berkeley)

Survivors shouldn’t have to fight to be heard!” (Kelly, Oakland)

“Universities won’t change on their own. We have to hold them accountable.” (Jamie, university scientist)


Note: As of Jan. 30, the Notice and Comment period is over.

Thanks to all 104,430 people who submitted comments! Check back here for updates on the Department of Education’s final ruling.

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