Workplace & Economic Justice

Everyone deserves access to good jobs and fair treatment at work. When employers break the law, we hold them accountable, providing free legal help and representation to workers who need it most, and taking on big cases that make workplaces fairer and safer for everyone. We also work with high-road employers to develop best practices, creating the standard for entire industries.

From sexual harassment in the janitorial industry, to pregnancy discrimination in retail, our lawyers have helped workers fight for gender equity and justice in the workplace for over 45 years. Because when women are economically secure, we live longer. We go back to school. We leverage our power as consumers. We vote and run for office. And we transform our communities, our industries, and our world.

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Know Your Rights

If you’re being mistreated, paid unfairly, or harassed at work, knowing your rights can help you stand up for yourself and potentially help others, too. Whether you send an anonymous letter, file a complaint, or simply open a conversation at work, start with learning what your legal rights and options are.

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Fighting for Workplace Justice & Economic Security

We don’t just enforce civil rights laws; we help pass them, too. Our initiatives for workplace justice and economic security fight for reforms to ensure every woman and family has the opportunity to thrive, at work and beyond. Joining forces with other advocacy and community organizations, we tackle the big issues that may start in the workplace, but have lasting consequences on our personal lives, our economic security, and our families. These innovative campaigns connect the dots between issues of workplace justice, child care, income support, livable wages, and family caregiving.

Legal Advice & Resources / Consejos y Recursos legales

Know Your Rights

Learn what your rights are so you can navigate your situation and make the best decision for you.

Your Rights at Work
Your Rights at School

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If our Know Your Rights guides do not answer your legal questions, contact a legal advocate by filling out our online Intake Form. We may be able to offer free help. Please note that we can only help with the following issues:
- gender pay discrimination
- sexual harassment or sexual assault at work or school
- parental leave issues, and
- gender-based harassment or discrimination at work or school.

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We have trained legal advocates and lawyers on staff to guide you through your legal issue. Learn more about what this process looks like, and how long it will take.

Conozca Sus Derechos

Aprende sus derechos para que puedas navegar su situación y tomar la mejor decisión para ti.

Sus Derechos en el Trabajo


Si nuestras guías sobre sus derechos no tiene la respuesta que necesista o usted tiene otra pregunta, contáctenos por la manera de llenar nuestro formulario abajo. Posiblemente podemos ofrecerle asistencia gratúita. Solo podemos proveer información sobre los asunto siguientes en el trabajo o en la escuela:
- La discriminación basado en el sexo o el genero
- El acoso sexual o asalto sexual
- La discriminación salarial (del pago)
- La ausencia del trabajo para cuidar a familiares o un nuevo bebe


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