Becca Holt

Senior Program Coordinator

Area of expertise: Survivor support; Spreadsheet Enthusiast

You should get to know her because:

  • She joined ERA in December 2017 and, as Sr. Program Coordinator, she operates ERA’s free legal Advice & Counseling program and handles project management for our work supporting college survivors through the ENOUGH pro bono network.
  • Becca is passionate about supporting survivors of sexual harassment and violence, spreadsheets, and smashing the patriarchy/white supremacy/economic injustice.
  • Becca has a background in student organizing, social enterprise, and project management.

Alumna of:

  • UCLA (summa cum laude & Phi Beta Kappa, class of 2013) with degrees in International Development and Women’s Studies
  • SIT Study Abroad (2011) with research work on the recovery of survivors of human trafficking between Buenos Aires, Argentina and Asunción, Paraguay

Outside of work:
•    Becca is a fan of sitting at Ocean Beach, hiking, traveling, Zumba at the Y, the Call Your Girlfriend podcast, and reading all the books she can.

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Coronavirus and Title IX

If you are a student worried about how the coronavirus (COVID-19) could impact your Title IX case, we can help.

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Legal Advice & Resources / Consejos y Recursos legales

Know Your Rights

Learn what your rights are so you can navigate your situation and make the best decision for you.

Your Rights at Work
Your Rights at School

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Due to our current caseload, we are unfortunately not able to offer appointments for employment-related issues right now. Please see our Know Your Rights guides for information about your rights at work.

For issues at school, temporarily we can only help with:
- Sexual harassment or sexual assault in higher education
- Gender-based harassment or discrimination (including sexual harassment or assault) of LGBTQI+ individuals at all grade levels

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We have trained legal advocates and lawyers on staff to guide you through your legal issue.

Note: Due to limited capacity, our staff can currently only assist new clients with select issues at school or related to education. We hope to re-open our employment-related intakes soon.

Conozca Sus Derechos

Aprende sus derechos para que puedas navegar su situación y tomar la mejor decisión para ti.

Sus Derechos en el Trabajo


Por el volumen de nuestros casos, desafortunadamente no podemos ofrecer citas nuevas por cualquier problema relacionada a empleo en este momento. Favor de leer nuestro Guia de Conocer Sus Derechos para información sobre sus derechos en el trabajo.

Para problemas a su escuela, temporalmente, solo podemos ayudar con:
- Acoso sexual o agresión sexual en la universidad
- Acoso o discriminación basado en el género (incluyendo acoso sexual o agresión sexual) de personas que son LGBTQI+ de cualquier nivel de grado


Nuestro servicio de asesoramiento por teléfono está cerrado por ahora

En este momento, no estamos recibiendo solicitudes dejadas por un recado de teléfono. Sin embargo, usted puede someter una solicitud para una consulta por la manera de hacer clic en el link "Explíquenos Sobre Su Situacion."

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Tenemos defensores legales y abogados capacitados para guiarle por su problema legal. Nota: Por nuestra capacidad limitada, nuestros empleados solo pueden ayudar a los clientes nuevos que tienen problems specificas relaciada a la escuela. Esperamos que podemos abrir de nuevo las citas de empleo muy pronto.