Francesca Bitton

Policy & Communications Coordinator

Area of expertise: Digital Advocacy; Creative marketing strategies; Planning national days of action; Mobilization; Knowing the lyrics to almost every song

You should get to know her because:

  • Francesca has been passionate about human rights, and more specifically women’s rights, since a young age—writing and volunteering in her local community and eventually becoming a county ambassador for young girls.
  • In her capacity as Policy and Communications Coordinator, Francesca continues along the path of being an outspoken advocate—helping lead two of the organizations key initiatives: the Equal Pay Today! Campaign and Stronger CA through political and media strategy.
  • Francesca also worked for the Israeli Consulate of San Francisco while in school, drafting policy memos and completing national and international policy research for the Consul and Deputy Consul General—focusing on LGBTQ+ and women’s rights issues. Later, Francesca went on to work in Washington D.C. for Congresswoman Lucille Roybal-Allard, where she continued to build her writing, research, and advocacy skills—eventually leading her to return to San Francisco to finish her degree and become involved with the University’s Title IX office.
  • She was the University of San Francisco’s Title IX liaison to the student body, and become a frequent contributor on equal rights issues to the University newspaper.

Alumna of:

  • University of San Francisco, magma cum laude and with Honors, in Political Science and a minor in Middle Eastern Studies.

Outside of work:

  • In her free time, Francesca can be found at an early morning spin class, reading the newest fiction novels, or mentoring undergraduates from her alma mater the University of San Francisco.
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