Fighting for Women's Equality
Closing the Enforcement Gap

Access to Justice Initiative 

An existing gap in the enforcement of the law leaves working women and their children behind.

Poverty, lack of job mobility, and fear of employer retaliation keep far too many workers silent in the face of unfair treatment. Studies confirm that women, people of color, and low-wage workers are much less likely to have access to legal representation.

Current projects

Advice & Counseling: This unique national hotline (online and telephone) gives women workers and their families the tools they need when they need them.

Know Your Rights: Toolkits for workers and advocates empower individuals and help them understand the law.

Fellowships: Our range of fellowship, clerkship, and internship programs prepare the next generation of women’s rights advocates.

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Latest from the Access to Justice Campaign

Racing the Clock: How extending the deadline for sexual harassment claims changes the game

Did you know that after an act of workplace sexual harassment or discrimination, the clock on filing a complaint immediately begins to tick? With or without the victim’s knowledge. The way things...
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ERA Rejects Trump Admin’s Proposed Sexual Assault Rules that Promote Rape Culture on Campus

Note: The public comment period is open! It’s time to shout our objections. Comment now, or use our Comment Guide to learn more.  What you need to know about the Trump Administration’s absurd campus...
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BREAKING: Amended Federal Lawsuit Against DeVos Shows Title IX Policy Was Based on Sexist Stereotypes, Is Unconstitutional

  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE October 31, 2018   BREAKING: New Evidence Strengthens Claim that Trump’s Title IX Policy Was Based on Sexist Stereotypes, Rendering It Unconstitutional Amended Federal...
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Statement: Response to Leaked Draft of DeVos’s New Proposed Title IX Rules

Legal and Advocacy Groups Suing Trump Administration for Unlawful Title IX Rollbacks Respond to DeVos’s Proposal to Further Harm Student Survivors of Sexual Assault and Harassment In response to...
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Sacramento Bee: Civil rights group files lawsuit in McClatchy High alleged gang rape

March 26, 2018 | by

Sacramento Bee covered our work representing a high student survivor of sexual assault, whose school we have alleged effectively blocked her equal access to education after her assault was reported.... read more

Meet Our Clients

A 10 Year Battle Against Rape in the Workplace

There are some moments that are too horrifying to forget. For Maria Bojorquez, one such moment happened on October 4, 2004, when she was brutally raped by her supervisor as she worked alone on the...
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