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Economic Justice for Women and Families

Women at Work Initiative

Gender equality in the workplace depends on fairness for women and families.

Working women disproportionately encounter barriers to fair employment, from sexual harassment to the glass ceiling to wage disparities. They remain concentrated in low-wage jobs and make up 2/3 of the minimum wage workforce. The gender wage gap – women making on average 78 cents to a man’s dollar – has not budged in ten years, impacting women in nearly every industry. Our Women at Work Initiative seeks to remove systemic barriers to women’s economic security, including sexual harassment, pregnancy discrimination, and unequal pay. 


Stronger California: California’s first women’s economic agenda, led by ERA and a network of over 25 social justice organizations.

Taskforce on Tradeswomen Issues: Lifting up women in male-dominated industries like the trades, through enforcement, education and community-building.

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A Gender Wage Gap That Won't Close

A Gender Wage Gap That Won’t Close

Work and Family Still at Odds

Work and Family Still at Odds

Sexual Harassment Still Exacting a Hefty Toll

Sexual Harassment Still Exacting a Hefty Toll

Large cover of pregnancy report

Expecting A Baby, Not A Lay-Off


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Latest from the Women at Work Campaign

Help end rampant sexual harassment in STEM

Did you know 58% of Americans working in academic research report being sexually harassed? Sexual harassment in academic settings is so pervasive that it’s now ranked second behind only the U.S....
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Perspective: Enough with the Pay-Gap Victim Blaming

A few recent articles about the wage gap really get it wrong, and Forbes has featured more than one. But I want to focus on the recent feature by Christy Rutherford and Janice Gassam, whose critique...
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Ban ‘no-rehire’ clauses: YES on AB 749!

Retaliation against workers who report sexual harassment is supposed to be illegal. But a current loophole in California law allows employers to include “no-rehire clauses” in settlement agreements,...
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Stand with sexual harassment victims: YES on AB 9!

Currently, sexual harassment and discrimination victims in California only have one year to file complaints — much less time than other civil claims, meaning our laws actively discriminate against...
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#MeToo Inspired Bill Wins CA Assembly Support

May 23, 2019 | by

AB 9 Corrects Statute of Limitations for Discrimination & Sexual Harassment Claims SACRAMENTO – The California State Assembly today approved important legislation that would give victims of... read more

Meet Our Clients

VIDEO: Owning Our Space

Clients Terry Becker and Jasmine Douville fought back against sexual harassment and discrimination they experienced at work, with free legal help from Equal Rights Advocates. Here are there stories,...
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