Take Action for Essential Women Workers

Essential Women Workers

Together with partner organizations across the country, we are taking concrete steps to support essential women workers. Join us by taking action below to support worker rights, especially for underpaid women in essential fields.

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Take Action!

  • Show your support for Starbucks workers trying to unionize!
    Young workers, people of color, Starbucks workers from all walks of life are facing anti-worker harassment, corporate bullying, one-on-one meetings with executives like Schultz to intimidate them into giving up their unionization push. But workers are standing strong! And we’re showing our support for their bravery by demanding Starbucks STOP interfering with workers’ right to join a union.

    • Campaign led by California Labor Federation

  • Unemployment Benefits for Excluded Immigrant Workers
    When excluded immigrants – our friends, families, and neighbors – are locked out of a safety net, we are denying them and their families access to basic health and safety needs. This is unjust and not what an equitable recovery looks like in California. Urge California’s lawmakers to pass AB 2847!

    • Campaign led by Safety Net for All (SN4A) Coalition and the CA Immigrant Policy Center 

  • Tell Amazon: End Dangerous Warehouse Policies
    Amazon warehouse workers are at nearly double the risk of counterparts working similar jobs at other companies. Inhuman & dangerous workplace policies are to blame. Tell Amazon to create healthy and safe workplaces! (Note: Your email address will be added to United for Respect’s email list. You can unsubscribe at any time.)

    • Campaign led by United 4 Respect

  • Pregnant Workers Fairness Act
    The Pregnant Workers Fairness Act is a federal bill that would close loopholes for pregnant workers requesting reasonable workplace accommodations for their health and wellbeing, such as having a stool at their work station for short sitting breaks, access to a water bottle, or the option of asking a coworker to help lift heavy items. Send an automated tweet to your Senators supporting the bill.

    • Campaign led by Equal Rights Advocates and the PWFA Coalition

  • Paycheck Fairness Act
    The Paycheck Fairness Act would strengthen existing equal pay protections, prohibit retaliation against workers who discuss their pay with each other or challenge pay discrimination at work, limit employer’s reliance on a new hire’s prior salary to set their new pay (which allows pay discrimination to follow a person from job to job), and more. These robust measures would bring us one step closer to equal pay. Send an automated email to your Senators supporting this bill.

    • Campaign led by Center for American Progress

  • Days Off to Mourn the Passing of a Loved One
    Support California Assembly Bill 1949 to ensure all workers have access to at least a few days of bereavement leave so they can mourn the passing of a loved one without the risk of being fired for doing so. This bill will allow workers to take up to 5 days of job-protected bereavement leave upon the death of a spouse, child, sibling, parent, grandparent, or domestic partner. Send a pre-drafted email to California lawmakers.

    • Campaign led by Equal Rights Advocates, Californians for Safety & Justice, and California Employment Lawyers Association

  • End Pay Discrimination against Women and People of Color
    California Senate Bill 1162 would increase pay transparency by requiring employers to report and make public aggregate pay data for their companies broken down by gender, race and ethnicity for direct employees and contract workers. It also would require employers to publicly list salary ranges on all job postings, and to make promotional opportunities available to current employees. Email California lawmakers.

    • Campaign led by Equal Rights Advocates, California Employment Lawyers Association, and TechEquity Collaborative

  • Urge President Biden to #CancelStudentDebt
    Tell President Biden to invest in women’s futures by using executive action to cancel $50,000 of student loan debt before the federal student loan payment pause ends on August 31, 2022. Sign the petition.

    • Campaign led by United State of Women and Civil Nation

  • Tell Governor DeWine to Support Ohio Essential Workers
    The petition asks that the 2021 American Rescue Plan (ARPA) funds be given directly to essential workers, not state and local governments to support recovery from the COVID-19 Pandemic. Sign the petition here, and amplify on social media here.

    • Campaign led by Justice for Migrant Workers

  • Stop Wall Street Looting Act
    Our economy is broken, and working families are paying the price. But we aren’t taking it anymore – we’re standing up, standing together and fighting back against Wall Street greed. See petition for bill resources. Send a letter to Congress here.

    • Campaign led by United for Respect

  • #Justice4Janikka – Demand Walmart Enact the Janikka Perry Policy
    Despite the fact that she felt sick, 38-year-old Janikka Perry kept working her full shift at Walmart– partly because of the fear of calling out sick. She collapsed on the bathroom floor at the store, and was left there for two hours. She later died that night. Walmart needs to enact the Janikka perry Policy so workers know they are working supportive, safe, and healthy working conditions that value their contributions as employees. Sign the petition here.

    • Campaign led by United for Respect

  • Ensure More CA Workers have Access to Paid Family Leave
    The ability to bond with a child, care for a seriously ill family member, or heal, should not be limited to those with higher incomes. SB 951 and a Budget Request would make paid leave affordable for all California workers, by increasing Paid Family Leave and State Disability Insurance rates to 90% of regular wages. Budget negotiations between the Governor and the California Legislature are ongoing. It’s a critical time to share how important this issue is to you. Click here to take action for California workers.

    • Campaign led by California Work and Family Coalition

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