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Equal Rights Advocates protects and expands economic and educational access and opportunities for women and girls.

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Maria’s Workplace is #OursToo: Stopping the Epidemic of Sexual Violence Against Female Janitors


Each day when I sit down in my office with a warm cup of coffee, I fix the photo on my desk of my two girls. I look at the sea of folders and papers in front of me, certain that justice is defended... read more

Inspired by Martin Luther King Jr. Day, We March On


This weekend, we remember the life and work of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to shine truth on oppression and injustice. We honor his legacy and the work that remains to ensure the American promise can... read more

This is not the year to stop marching


With every large-scale social movement, there is a spark that triggers enough of a sense of injustice that it cannot be contained and it mobilizes almost everyone it catches in its path. The Civil... read more

Taking the Fight for Equal Pay to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals


Today, we have a historic opportunity to see justice served for millions of women. Women like Aileen Rizo. In 2012, Aileen, a mother of three, discovered she was earning over $10,000 less each year... read more

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  • Associated Press: For moms of boys, mixed emotions over sexual misconduct saga
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