Fortune: We called up 30 major US companies to see what they had to say about Roe v. Wade.

May 3. 2022

In the aftermath of the explosive leaked SCOTUS draft decision ending Roe v. Wade, Noreen Farrell provided context and a call to action to businesses grappling with its implications.

It's reasonable corporate policy not to disparage the United States Supreme Court on an initial draft decision, much less a final one,” says Farrell. “We don't expect attacks against Justice Alito to be coming out of corporate America anytime soon. But I sense that companies are regrouping and thinking.
It will take those brave first leaders I think, and the positive visibility they get, to encourage others,” says Farrell. She adds that major national corporations must take responsibility in shaping policy decisions, rather than just making internal assurances to employees whose reproductive rights are now threatened.

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